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God Most High

Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me,

for in you my soul takes refuge;

in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge,

till the storms of destruction pass by.

I cry out to God Most High,

to God who fulfils his purpose for me.

Today I was reading in Psalms 57. Here, it was talking about God Most High. This is David’s Psalm about God who is protecting and providing for him.

Do you know something? I love reading the Psalms. I love seeing David praise God but, I also love seeing David cry out for God. Through David’s ups and downs, I realise that it’s okay for my relationship with God to have some rocky points too. (To make it clear, it’s me who struggles with our relationship, not God. God is always ready to love me and be my friend)

David wrote this Psalm after he fled from Saul and is hiding in the cave. God has already told David that he will be king, and slowly people are coming to the cave to join David’s army of rebels against King Saul.  So far, everything that David had needed God had provided. On top of the basic needs that David has, God has also supplied David with men to fight. 

 David has taken refuge in the wings of the most high.

Isn’t it crazy, that the most high being in the entire universe is willing to protect us and shelter us?

He deserves to be exalted and we deserve nothing from him, yet he takes care of us.

David goes on in this Psalm to show that God is protecting him; his enemies dig a pit, and they fall into it themselves. By devoting himself to God, he has been protected and cared for.

Why does God do it?

I don’t understand why he would care enough for David or me, to take care of us fully and completely. Yet he does. He loves me. Why?

I don’t think that I’ll ever understand how  God could care for such lowly creatures. Some day, when I’m a mother, maybe be I’ll be able catch a glimpse of this unconditional love that God shows to us. Until then, I will just have to marvel in awe of my wonderful Savior and give him my whole, unconditional heart. He is beyond worthy of my praise.


Dear God Most High,

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I don’t deserve to come into Your presence or deserve Your love. Yet, for some reason You take care of me. Thank you for letting me take refuge in Your wings. You alone are worthy of my praise


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God the Healer

Raise you hand if you’ve ever complained.

Scratch that, raise your hand if you’ve complained today. I have, probably more times then I can remember.

“I don’t want to get out of my bed.”

“Do I have to wait in this line at the microwave.”

“Argh, why do we have to exercise today?.”

Yuppers, I complain a lot!

I sound like to children of Israel in the desert, after they had crossed the Red sea on DRY LAND they start complaining about no water.

I get it, I probably would’ve started complaining myself. It blows my mind all the same because here is a awesome God who’s providing escape from the cruel Egyptians and preforming miracles and they don’t seem to trust him to provide water?! I’m sure that if God wanted them to, they could’ve survived all 40 years without one drop of it.

They’re cranky, and probably really thirsty.

Three days after the Red sea crossing they come to a place with water…but it’s bitter; meaning there’s a mineral in it that makes it salty and gross and undrinkable. Try drinking the ocean, sure it’s water, but it will only dehydrate you even more.

I think that God is using the water at Marah to show the people of Israel what will happen if they stop following him. He is their provider and he is capable of making bitter things sweet.

God tells Moses to throw a log into the waters and then the people can drink.  They can quench their thirst all because of God’s providence.

The story doesn’t end there, next, God makes a promise with the Israelites; if they listen to him, do what is right and keep his commandments: they will be free from all the sicknesses that the Egyptians faced.

This reminds me of another tree in the Bible that made bitterness sweet.

The Cross on Calvary.

The cross on Calvary took my bitter, worthless self and changed me into a new, wonderfully sweet creation.

Alright, I’m not always sweet, but the Savior who lives inside of me is and he has made my existence worth living.

– S


Thank you for making my bitter life sweet. You are my provider and you are the reason that I have hope for tomorrow.  You have healed my brokenness and made me whole in you. Please help me to everyday live life in honour of the changes you have made in my life.


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Ruth 3:18

Then Naomi said, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.” -Ruth 3:18 (NIV)

A few days ago as the evening was drawing to a close, as my parents popped their heads in my room to wish me a good night, as I jammed out to some Broadway tunes and brushed my teeth and put my PJs on, an urging whisper wouldn’t leave my mind.

“Ruth. Read the book of Ruth.” 

It seemed to almost chant the echo through my thoughts. I thought of ignoring it at first since it was pretty late, I was exhausted and worked at 8:30 the following morning but as I laid in bed, unable to sleep, the murmur didn’t go away. It seemed almost to get louder as I scrolled through Pinterest trying to turn my brain off for the night. So, I turned on my light, got out my bible and God loudly and boldly took over. It was overwhelming how clear the message was that God wanted to give me.

(This post is written assuming that the reader knows the story of Ruth.)

I currently attend a small bible university and we studied Ruth earlier this semester. This gave me a better base to understand the story. In this study, we learned that Ruth and Orpah’s husband’s names, Mahlon and Kilion, mean terribly sick and horribly unhealthy. This is why their death’s may have been more of a blessing than the typically believed tragedy. Ruth’s husband may have been abusive or struggled with a mental or physical illness. The Bible doesn’t give us many details on the subject. Whatever the case, I saw this passing as much more of a blessing than a curse and as another step in how God turned a tragic situation into a magnificent miracle.  

The story then turns to the most talked about section where Naomi tells her daughter in laws to return to their own peoples. Ruth chooses to stay with Naomi and be faithful to her people and God unlike Orpah who leaps at the chance of being home again. This is also where we see the most quoted verse from Ruth which speaks of her faithfulness even when it would have been so much easier to return to her own family.

“Where you will go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” Ruth 1:16

Naomi and Ruth then together headed towards Bethlehem just at the time of the barley harvest (early spring).  Ruth decided to collect barley behind the workers in a nearby field to provide them with food. It would have been a grueling task out in the hot sun, but Ruth was very willing if it meant providing for Naomi. It is here that a certain verse stuck out to me:

“She went into the field and has worked steadily from morning till now, except for a short rest in the shelter.” Ruth 2:7b

Her hard work didn’t go unnoticed. The field workers knew she was poor and watched her labor away hours in the fields. No one asked her to be there. She wanted to be there. She wanted to work and did so cheerfully. Her back must have ached from bending over. Her feet must have hurt from holding her weight on them all day. Her skin must have been burnt from the sun. She did this grueling deed for one purpose only: to feed her mother in law. She could have been home with her family where food would have come so much easier but she chose to remain poor and to remain faithful to Naomi even when it was hard. She didn’t do this for personal gain. She didn’t do this to try and catch the eye of a man.

Ruth had no idea that the master of the field, Boaz, was also watching her work. He knew that she wasn’t just begging for food but rather was working hard for it. She somehow managed to catch his eye amidst her foreigner status. Boaz is so kind to this poor young woman and lives up to the meaning of his name: strong man. He welcomes her to stay in his fields for as long as she needs, gives her permission to drink from his water and promises her physical security.

Boaz is so sweet and gentle with a woman who should mean nothing more than a servant to him. He cares for her anyway and shows her true charity. He serves her supper that evening and orders his men to allow her to glean from the best of the barley the next day rather than glean behind them in the leftovers.

That evening, Naomi’s delight about the situation exceeds even Ruth’s because the women realize that he has been sent from the Lord to redeem them.

Naomi soon hatches a plan to wed Boaz and Ruth by having Ruth lay at his feet during the night. Boaz wakes and praises Ruth for her kindness for choosing him. In the morning, he sends her home with a great heap of barley and then heads to town to win her hand in marriage by asking the elders.

Then Naomi said, “Wait, my daughter until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.” Ruth 3:18

This, this is true pursuit. Boaz didn’t have to pursue Ruth, but he did anyways. She should have been a nobody to him. A common stranger.  A foreign nobody. Any other man would have chased a beggar woman out of his field but not Boaz. Boaz listened to the Lord and was kind to Ruth. He let her know that he saw her as a treasure and a precious jewel and not as damaged goods.


I am so very glad that I listened to God’s still small voice that evening. I gleaned so much from this story and noticed details that I didn’t know existed before. I felt God’s hand on me from the moment I opened my Bible. God had something very important and very relevant to say to me. It seemed like he was saying…

“Bethany, my princess, my daughter and my beautiful work of art. I’ve got you. Stop rushing and forcing aspects of your life. I know who I have planned for you and when the time is right, I’ll tell you. I’m preparing him for you right now.

I’m also preparing you for him. I don’t make mistakes. You are not a mistake. Your past relationship was not a mistake. I knew what was going to happen before it happened and I had my hand on you. I was looking out for you as I always am.

Do you trust me?

You are worth loving and your Boaz is coming. Have patience. Trust in me. While you’re waiting, focus on me. Focus on your heart-maker and not on your heart-breaker because when he arrives, you’ll know it. I’ll let you know. Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. I have something wonderful planned for you. “



A prayer for today:

Lord. Thank you for the still small voice that urged me to read the book of Ruth. I feel so much peace knowing that you have someone planned for me and Ruth is the prime example of how to wait on you. You know exactly what I need. Remind me Lord Jesus to focus on you for now. Let me learn from Ruth to pursue you first and above all else. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen. 


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A God Who Sees

“‘You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me”

Genesis 16:13

Today I read Genesis 16.

In Genesis chapter 15, God promises Abram offspring like the stars of heaven. But, did Abram really believe him?


If he had, he would’ve waited on God’s timing. He would’ve waited for Sarai to conceive with the help of God. Instead he did his own thing and slept with the Egyptian servant which in turn got her pregnant instead of Sarai.

Obviously this is caused tension. Hagar ran away from an upset Sarai and met an angel who comforted and blessed her. God could’ve let her run away, maybe let her start a new life. Nothing could’ve ever been said about her again.

But instead, God sees her and comforts her. He uses the mistakes of Abram and Sarai to show us that he sees everything because he is a God of Seeing.

He hasn’t changed today either. He still see me, everything I do and he still blesses me.


Prayer for today:


Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for comforting me when I am hurt and always being there for me.  I don’t deserve your attention or your love, but you love me more than I even know.  Thank you for examples in the Bible that can teach us about your eyes that look on us with love.

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Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.-Jeremiah 29:11

Nine months have gone by since my last blog post and since then, my life has completely and entirely flipped. I am no longer the same person I was last year, last semester or even last month. I have begun to actually feel like a grown up which scares me more than anything and have begun making MAJOR life decisions that could potentially affect more than just today. It’s been a period of needing to trust that God knows what he’s doing every step of the way and let me tell you, that’s much easier said than done.  

I began by making the decision to switch from my french university (which was causing me much grief and anxiety) to a lovely little Christian based university across town. In some ways, I wish I had started here. It would have been so much easier to transition directly from my tiny high school to this even tinier private university and continue to be surrounded by my friends who know and understand me. However, God had different plans for me. He knew that I needed to leave my comfort zone for a year to learn who I was individually in him without depending on my friends at every moment of the day. It was hard. Really hard. I cried often but began to find so much more joy than ever before in Him because I had no one else. Since I made the switch, I can see the difference the year away made. I  matured in ways I hadn’t realized I had and became ten times more thankful for little blessings like understanding assignments and having someone to eat lunch with.

Around the same time as I made the decision to switch schools, I also decided I should try out another church. I had become so spiritually unhappy in my parents church but was embarrassed to admit that when everyone around me was so full of joy. I had grown up there and had attended the same church with the same people from the time I was four. It has always been an old fashioned style church but I didn’t know any different than the structures, messages and doctrine taught there.

My first week at the other church, blew my mind. I cried during the worship and the message spoke directly to the problems I had been having at that time. I left feeling exceedingly encouraged but sheepish that I had enjoyed it so much. I thought my parents would be disappointed that I liked this other place so much better than the one I had grown up in and really struggled with the fact that I might lose my childhood church family. So, I decided to keep these feelings a secret.

Over the next month, I came up with all kinds of excuses to miss church with my parents and to attend this new place. I told them that I was only going because I REALLY enjoyed the messages, which was true, but not the whole truth. It felt a little sneaky but I didn’t know what else to do. I would come home singing sings of praise and genuinely excited to talk about the Lord like I’ve never been able to do before but would hide my desires to completely leave my parent’s church. This love for the Lord is something I’ve never been able to talk about before without feeling awkward and foreign. It was a revelation and a relief to my soul to finally feel joy in him when I’ve always been taught that He is joy but was never able to comprehend it.

My parents soon noticed a change in me. I would come home excited to tell them about the messages and singing new songs of praise as I did my work around the house. Because I’m so open about everything with them, we soon had a terrifying discussion about my changing churches and I was astonished to discover that they were okay with me moving on. Yes, it was a big change but they encouraged me to go and learn and grow into the person God intended me to be. I soon began to also attend the young adults group and met a few friends, started going to a small group bible study on my own will and soon after was asked to help out in “Kids’ zone”, the children’s program at the church. I could not have been more overjoyed! You see, God gave me a natural ability to work with children and then through this new church, He gave me an opportunity to teach a whole classroom of kids about his love. An opportunity that would never have happened at my parent’s church.

My church problems go much deeper than just my parents and siblings though. The church family that I had grown up with, didn’t know what to do with me. When I would visit periodically and would be completely open about how much I was growing in the Lord at a different place of worship, they clammed up. I know this is a difficult concept for so many to understand, but from their perspective, no one has ever left my parent’s little church and went on to live for Jesus. Everyone who they had ever seen leave had left and turned to drugs or partying or to become an outright atheist. This phenomenon is new to them and is taking some time to grasp. Its an ongoing issue that I pray about daily and am working through.

While this situation was going on, I was also adjusting to a new school. A Christian school at that. Here, I am surrounded by Christian friends and Jesus is a regular topic. Chapel is offered everyday and I go at least twice a week. The professors begin class with prayer and incorporate the gospel into their daily lessons. My heart is overwhelmed by how much I’m growing! 

A week into attending my new school, I began dating a sweet guy who I met through a friend. We just managed to hit it off immediately on the first day we met and a week later, he asked me out for a walk in the woods and a trip to the arcade. It felt like I had found my happily ever after because that first date was straight out of a fairy tale. On the second date, he asked if he could meet my parents and if he needed their permission to date me. I melted like a snowman in the springtime. Everything about the first two months felt like it had been taken out of a novella. Three weeks in, I got my first kiss and it was just as wonderful as I imagined it would be. He was handsome and considerate and called me beautiful in his goodnight texts. He helped me with homework and introduced me to his grandparents. We talked about kids names and a wedding and what pets we wanted. He wanted a garage to fix up old cars and I wanted a craft/blog/library room.We had even decided to live in a quaint country home in the next province over so we wouldn’t be too far from our families. I learned his deepest darkest secrets and accepted flaws and he did the same for me. We spend many evenings sitting in his car talking about deep life issues and he would wipe my tears and hold my hand when we hit a sensitive topic. It felt like I was in a movie and I was head over heels in love.

However, around the two month mark, everything began falling apart. We started fighting over family differences and how we should handle mutual friend problems and disagreeing how far we should go physically because of his past relationships. Our conversations began to dwindle because we slowly began to realize how little we had in common. There were mutual friends, the excitement of a new relationship and Christ. Sometimes, that’s not enough. I wanted so badly for my first love to work out that I ignored the clear signals God was giving me to flee the situation. I stopped praying about him and began to ride souly on the emotions I had for him. This is where I went wrong.  Though this guy was a charmer and made me feel like a princess, serving God was not the center of our relationship. He was a  Christian, yes, but together we didn’t serve the Lord any better, we served ourselves.

Two days ago (from when I’m writing this post), we mutually broke up. There was no fighting or yelling or even crushed egos or crying (the night of the breakup anyways). We felt at the same time that it was time to let go and move on because we weren’t as compatible as we thought. My heart sank when the words “I think we should take a break” escaped my lips and he agreed in saying “I actually think about that more than I want to admit”. I don’t regret dating him. I don’t regret letting him be my first kiss. In fact, I learned more dating him than I would have if my first boyfriend did end up being my husband. I learned so much about who God desires me to be for him and that I need a man who cherishes my mind and my body but fears the Lord above all.

So, this is my story. This is where I’m at. I’m a little bit broken and a little bit fixed. Life has been such a roller coaster that I’ve lost sight of the end goal a couple times now but have to keep getting on track. I have to trust that God sees the end and that he is right by my side through every up and down right now. He is the ultimate plan maker and when he sees us heading in a direction that is not in his plan, don’t ignore the roadblocks he puts up.


A prayer for today:

Lord, fix my eyes on you. Remind me everyday that you are taking care of me and that you see the bigger picture. Remind me that I am not alone because you are my father and you walk beside me through every trial. My life is in your hands. Thank you for the blessings of strong Christian friends and an encouraging church and school. Never let me take them for granted. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 



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Isaiah 43:2

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. Isaiah 43:2 ESV

The space behind the shutters howl as the wind whiped through the small slot. The house seems to sway and croak with each gush of air bashing its sides. Water pounds on the roof in bursts and rounds as the heavier clouds pass over the small building. Dropplets race down the window in steady streams racing to obey gravitational laws and landing in pools forming in the dips of the grass. Inside the little cabin, she sits quietly by the snapping fire engrossed in a novella and wrapped snugly in a blanket. Frothy hot chocolate rests in the prewarmed mug on the side table and is periodically picked up for a dainty sip. Her house stood firm through the storm and didn’t worry because her protector kept guard. She remained safe inside her cozy house, warm and unharmed by the surrounding storm. Her strong defender guarded the door and kept the fire going as the glow grows dimmer ad then brighter again.

This is a picture of an idealistic view of what we think the Christian life should be like (according to us). We like to think that God will take care of us in every way by guarding our lives against anything that might go wrong and spoiling us with gifts to entertain and spoil us becaus ewe are his children. Here’s the reality: God promised to take care of us, but he never said that our lives would be easy. Rather, he says that there will be crazy storms but that he will walk through the storms with us and hold our hands when we are weak. Because he knows us so well, he knows what we can handle and would never give us a harder storm than he is certain we can walk through. He has equiped us with the needed tools to get to the destination, rain boots and an umbrella, but he can’t take us out of the storm and into his shelter just yet because he knows this is exactly what we need to get to where he wants us. He would never force us to take his hand or his storm equipment but he has it ready for when we search for it.

When all seems to be lost, your rain boots are stuck in the mud, your umbrella has been turned inside out by the wind and the dampness has managed to drench every inch of your body. Cry out for him. He’s been waiting so patiently for the call and for your dependance on him again. Maybe depending on him was the purpose of this storm! You can physically see him but he’s been there the whole time wanting to encourage you to take the next step towards him if you’ll only take his advice and focus on him instead of the wild storm life has thrown at us.

We can’t just run from the problems we are given in life. Facing them is the only way we can get anywhere. Family situations, friend mishaps, standing up for your faith when it gets bashed from every side. Our earthy struggles will never end but we know that our Redeemer has a plan to bring us through lifes storms if we trust him and listen to his voice through the deafening rain. It is so still, small and sublte that if one dosen’t focus on hearing it, it will be drowned out by distractions. Take a moment, right now, and stop to listen. What is he telling you right now?


A prayer for today:

God, I’m having trouble hearing your voice through what seems like a terrible storm. I yearn to have the comfort of your gentle embrace tell me that my life will be okay again. I’m stuck in my own ways and have lost sight of your light. Guide me to you.  Remind me to stop throughout my day today to listen to you. Bring your word to my mind to remind me of you. You are my first love and my Saviour. I love you. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not: and it shall be given him. James 1:5

Right now in my life, there is a huge obstacle that I am working to overcome. I have been letting my feelings pull me in one direction and then the next. Should I make the leap, or stay where I am? Do I try harder to fix the situation or do I start on a clean slate? I feel unqualified to make these huge decisions in my own life.

When I look at this particular situation from the world’s perspective, the solution impossible to determine. There are pros and cons to either side are taunting waves waiting for just the right moment to come crashing down on me and drown me in the salty sea of self doubt. Its terrifying to allow yourself to think that you have to make these kinds of decisions on your own. Luckily, Jesus is right beside me reminding me daily that if I focus on him, he will conquer the waves for me.

God’s plan seems to be a recurring theme in my articles over the past few days. his way is perfect and his vision is higher than our narrow human sight for the future. He doesn’t necessarily determine exactly what we are to do with each second of every day because he gave us the gift of free will and choice over our actions but since he created us and knows how he put our brain together, he knows what actions we are going to choose. We aren’t robots on a course to serve a designated master but rather the master created us in hopes that his creation would choose his love over the pleasures of the world.

His greater knowledge of what is and what is to come is the most powerful source there is. I’m a child of the living eternal King! Why wouldn’t I just ask him for his wisdom in this situation? I should be ashamed when turning to the man I call my best friend is not my first instinct.


Prayer for today:

Savior, thanks for being there whenever I need you. You are more faithful than I understand and your love covers every part of me. Your wisdom and power are greater than I understand. I am turning this problem over to you to change into something that glorifies you. Give me the wisdom I need to decide what to do for this difficult situation. Show me how to rely on you for my everything and to be grateful for what I have through you. In Jesus’s beautiful name, Amen. 

Ps: Feel free to write me a comment on what you think. 🙂

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Isaiah 54:5

For your Maker is your husband-the Lord Almighty is his name-the Holy One of Isreal is your Redeemer, he is called the God of all the earth. Isaiah 54:5 NIV

Many Christain girls dream day and night of wanting that perfect relationship with the dreamy God-focused man. We fantisize about him picking us up in his car, wearing our cutest outfit on a date or picture the where and how of our first kiss.  We imagine how we’ll blush the first time he says “I love you”. We dream of the day he pops the big question and picking out the perfect white dress to wear down the aisle. Some might even go as far as to dream about becoming a mother and sharing married life memories with that special man. My hand would be the first one up to admit that I do all of these things.

From the time I was old enough to care about boys, I’ve always had a plan of exactly how it was going to play out. I would meet him at a church youth conference or maybe church camp by the age of 16. We would confess our likes for each other at the serene spot by the lake by the end of the week. Courting/dating by would start officially 18 even though we would have felt like it started that day at the lake. The big question would be poped by the middle of university and we would be married in June at that same summer camp the year I graduated university. Let me tell you, I’m 18 now and nothing boy related has happened to me yet.

For a while I felt sorry for myself. I’ve been watching this scenario play out with many of my church friends for the past few years and feeling lonely and worthless. Watching crushes becoming boyfriends. Listening to sweet love notes and sitting by the sidelines as they get swept up in love. Where was my man? Why was I not being pursued? Was I not as good as them?

My brother (who I am very close to) once asked me why I wanted a boyfriend. What was the purpose of having one? My mind went almost blank and I felt as if I scrambled for an answer. Why did I want one? I wanted someone to be my special someone, to care about me, to talk to me, for me to take care of and for them to take care of me. He then pointed out that thats what my family was there for for right now. I agreed simply out of having no other answer to back up my cause but continued longing for a lover just as much.

This past summer during our summer-camp-semi-weekly-girl-chat with the preachers wife, she brought up this verse. My whole perspective changed when she read us this verse. God understands the single girl’s lonliness. He is there to comfort us and to be our husband until the man he plans for us comes along.  He made us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. His plan is in place and he knows what he’s doing. My family is great but they cannot fill that place in my heart that longs to be wanted. However, one man understands. That man sacrificed everything for me and showed me his love by dying on a cross so I can live with him someday. He died FOR ME!! Only Jesus can fill the void in my heart.

Have patience my friend. God hasn’t forgot about you. He knows the plans he has for you. Rushing or forcing them won’t make them better. Wait on him because he knows what he’s doing. Your man will come in time but for now (and even after he comes aroud), you have the eternal saviour who loves you more than any earthly husband ever could.


Todays prayer:

Lord, give me patience until the man you have planned for me comes into my life. I known that ou know what you are doing because you are the almighty one. You said that you will be my husband until the one you planned for me comes. Remind me to turn to you when I feel lonely and that I am not alone because you are with me wherever I go. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Psalm 46:5

“God is within her, she will not fail.”  Psalm 46:5

As a first year university student, failure is something I am learning to be a fact of life. I will not ace every test and paper that comes my way. I might not even come close. Sometimes priorities have to lie in another area or sometimes the marking lies out of my control. However, this verse on a sticky note on my wall reminds me of something: God makes something beautiful out of my mess.

I don’t know where his path is going to take me, but I have to trust him. He is my savior, my creator, my comforter my father and my friend.  His plans are greater. He knows what hes doing because he holds me in his hands and watches out for me.  I am nothing but a piece of clay in his hands. As long as my eyes are fixed on him, I will be more than okay.

Now I’m not saying that its okay to give up or to stop trying. God asks us to do everything as if we were doing it for him and with all of our hearts. What I am saying is that what we consider to be earthy failure, God can make into something beautiful if we let him.


I plan to use this blog to do just that.  Take the lessons I learn through my own failures and write them down so others can read, learn and grow from them as well. University has taught me much more than the material taught in class. From how-to-adult lessons to relying on him lessons.

These are the adventures of a Christian university student, on her way to becoming an elementary school teacher. The struggles, trials and joys along the way.


My prayer for today:

Lord, take this blog and work through it to bring you glory and praise. Let me showcase you through every word I write. Remind me to turn to you in every failure to praise you and remind me to turn to you in thanks in every success. I belong to you and want to devote my life to you in everything I do. In your son’s name, Amen.